Are you a Business Owner or an IT Pro – you decide.

In any business we’re as busy today running around managing our ‘usual duties’ whilst at the same time trying to keep up with the rapidly changing IT opportunities that can create real competitive advantage.

However, the trap we see many small businesses fall into is the...

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Privacy and Compliance for Medical and Legal Firms

In 2014, we saw a significant increase in the regulatory and community expectations on how customer data and privacy would be handled by medical and legal organisations, among other sectors. New privacy laws were brought into effect with stiff penalties for organisations found to be treating...

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4 Essential Tips to Maximise Outsourcing Success – A Guide for SMEs

What makes some outsourcing arrangements successful, while others fail at the first hurdle? If you want to know the secret behind outsourcing success and have the ability to optimise your company’s performance, then these basic problems and solutions of outsourcing...

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