At BitLOGIC, our Hardware & Software experience is backed by real engineers. Our procurement services cover all possible facets of a business platform from server infrastructure to customised software. Let us navigate the extensive choice in the market place to help create best in breed Hardware & Software solutions for your business. 


Hardware & Software Procurement



At BitLOGIC we partner with all the tier one vendors as well top distributors, allowing us to develop best in breed solutions backed by a minimum 3 years on-premise manufacturers warranty on hardware. All our Solutions are uniquely designed to fit your individual business requirements.  


Hardware – 
HP, Dell or Lenovo? We offer individually selected workstation hardware customised specifically for your business requirements. 

 – Best in breed storage solutions tailor made to your business requirements. 

 – Cisco, Netgear and Sophos solutions covering all facets of networking from simple desktop switches to enterprise firewalls.

Software – Microsoft, Linux and Unix platforms are all able to be supported.


Multi-Manufacturer  - More choices available providing a solution tailored to your individual needs.   

CAPEX/OPEX – BitLOGIC offers both up front capital solutions as well and amortised option over a 3 or 5 year life cycle.

Lifecycle Warranty – Warranty on products match the life cycle of the hardware procured.

Host On-Premise Cloud – Hardware paired with virtualisation products like VMware and HyperV give you the freedom to leverage cloud solutions on-premise.

Hardware Procurement

Hardware Procurement

No matter what platform we choose you can rest assured that you have the best preforming value for money hardware Read More
Asset Management

Asset Management

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Software Procurement

Software Procurement

No matter what software platform chosen you can rest assured that you have the best preforming value for money software Read More
Licence Management

Licence Management

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