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ADSL2+ is the next generation of ADSL broadband delievered over the copper telephone network, generally download speeds are typically much faster than regular ADSL. Regular ADSL broadband has download speeds between 256kbps and a maximum theoretical speed of 8Mbps (downstream) . ADSL2+ has a theoretical maximum of 24MBits but this is almost impossible to achieve. Usually Customers can expect speeds between 6Mbps and 20Mbps (downstream) depending on quality of copper and distance from the exchange.



ADSL2+ is the starter internet link for any business offering quick download speeds of up to 24Mbps  but with slower upload speeds usually 512Kbps. This makes it good for micro businesses, startups and backup internet links.

This is not considered to be a good link to host on- premise solutions with.


Unlimited Data – Due to the cheap cost of the service we recommend purchasing this service with an unlimited data bundle.

Simple Install – Almost all modem routers sold in Australia will support this standard.

Secondary Link – When Paired with a enterprise grade firewall can be a great failover link or can be used to channel general use web traffic through as not to tie up limited data links


Low on-going cost  – Very cheap to install and operate

Flexible Capacity – Unlimited data or scale data down to reduce costs further.