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Dark Fibre service deploys unlit optical fibre as a point-to-point connection between your premises. In order to utilise the service, you need to provide your own active equipment at both ends to establish a Dark Fibre connection. Since there are no other active devices between the end points, Dark Fibre is one of the most secure forms of connectivity available in the market.

dark fiber


The capacity of a Dark Fiber network is limited only by the equipment attached to it. It offers unprecedented speeds, performance, security and reliability.


Managed Networks – We are able to build private networks or WAN’s which allow for ultra fast throughput between sites.

Customised Speed – Fiber allows for through puts that exactly match the speeds the business requires.

Customised Data – Fiber allows for data limits that we are able to cuustomise to the business requirements.


1:1 Contention Ratio – The full potential of Optical Fibre is available for your exclusive use.

Range – Unlike copper which degrades with distance optic fiber can be used to connect businesses further away then is possible with copper connections.

Flat Pricing Plans – Flat pricing plan No matter how much bandwidth you utilise, the monthly fee is fixed.

Security – Dark Fibre facilitates very secure data transfers because the fibre is dedicated to you and not shared with other customers. This gives you physical separation from any other services and full control over your network..

Host On-Premise – Host on-premise services or have a direct link to your cloud services within the data center.