Fiber Optic offers superior internet performance.
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Fiber Optic offers superior internet performance. Telecommunication companies have been using fiber-optic lines in their backbone infrastructure for some time now, and in the past few years they have extended the connections to end-users. Fiber allows for guaranteed speed of up to 1Gbps but generally is used for synchronous speed of 20Mbps to 100Mbps due to the cost. Since the optic fiber provides such high bandwidth, it can easily provide phone, and Internet service for dozens of simultaneous users



At BitLOGIC  we partner with all the Tier One and many Tier Two telecommunications companies that offer fiber optic internet. This gives us the power to source the best possible link for your business location at a far reduced price based on our buying power.


Managed Networks – We are able to build private networks or WAN’s which allow for ultra fast throughput between sites.

Customised Speed – Fiber allows for through puts that exactly match the speeds the business requires

Customised Data – Fiber allows for data limits that we are able to cuustomise to the business requirements.


Contention Ratio – Your business internet should not fluctuate based on what your next door neighbor is doing.

Range – Unlike copper which degrades with distance optic fiber can be used to connect businesses further away then is possible with copper connections .

Flexible Capacity – Scale data up or down, using only what you need.

Throughput – Speeds can be scaled up without having to install new hardware.

Host On-Premise – Host on-premise services or have a direct link to your cloud services within the data center.